Eastern Milk Snake

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Eastern Milk Snake

Scientific Name

  • The scientific name of Eastern Milk Snake is Lampropeltis triangulum triangulum. 


  • It has light grey and yellowish that, marked with red-brownish to grey and black colors of irregular large blotches along its back.
  • They are mid-size, relatively slender non-venomous snakes. 
  • The scales are smooth.
  • It’s a nocturnal animal.


  • They live in the Northeastern United States.


  • The snakes mature and breed at the age of 2.
  • The incubation period of the eggs is about 60 to 75 days.


  • There are 6 to 20 eggs per clutch.


  • Hatchling size: 6 to 11 inches.
  • Adult snake: 28 to 40 inches on average.
  • Maximum size is 5 feet.

Life Span

  • Up to 20 years.

Eastern Milk Snake Food and Feeding

  • In nature, this animal eats lizards, rodents, and birds.
  • They eat snakes, including venomous snakes.
  • In captivity, pinkies are recommended.
  • Clean water should be provided.
  • The snake should be fed once a week.

Habitat and Vivarium Housing

  • The natural habitat of the Eastern Milk Snake is in tropical rainforest.
  • They are found in woodland, river bottoms, farmland, meadows, rocky hillsides, prairies, and terrestrial areas.
  • In captivity, the appropriate cage is about a 20-gallon vivarium with an escape-proof screen lid and hiding places.
  • Vivarium temperature is recommended to have a gradient of 76°F to 88°F.